We are part of you.

For almost 50 years, we have built a reputation as a leading European supplier of innovative and often complex plastic in combination with electronics decorative automotive components.

By providing parts that are integral to your business— we are part of you.


FREMACH is exhibiting at Stuttgart AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS trade fair from May 21st to May 23rd. It’s a great opportunity to discuss future requirements in control systems & switches, Interior trims and comfort systems. The presented technologies include plastronics, capacitive foils, IML, TOM technology, aesthetic decorative trims, dynamic ambient lighting, flocking. All these technologies can easily be integrated in door modules or instrument panels, dash board displays, control panels,  middle console, gear shifters, seats, steering wheels, headliners and in storage compartments with integrated kinematic or not. Feel free to visit our booth A4633 in Hall4. We will be thrilled to tailor your needs in attractive elements.

"The car is becoming more and more customised to meet your needs and comfort. By offering and developing innovative decorative interior solutions, Fremach is part of you.”

Ellen Joncheere
CEO, Fremach

Product line overview

Control systems & switches

Aesthetic user-interface components, such as: thermo-control units, infotainment systems, steering wheel commands, roof modules, seat adjustments and door switches.

Interior trim

A combination of style and durability for larger components: inner door panels, speaker grids, dashboard elements, sun visors and light guides.

Comfort systems

Components, including glove boxes, center consoles, storage compartments, and armrests, which create a more comfortable driver and passenger experience — ready for the autonomous driving experience.

technology leadership

Technology leadership

A technology leader, Fremach harnesses the latest processing, finishing and assembly techniques to deliver innovative and complex components that meet customer specifications.



With a dedicated R&D division, Fremach is renowned for applying its comprehensive knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to develop innovative solutions that meet customer needs.